5 Tips on Hiring a Wedding Videographer

Your wedding is something that cannot be re-done, so you may feel nervous about making the right decision. That is perfectly okay! Picking a wedding videographer is an important investment into your future. When it comes to selecting your perfect wedding videographer, there seems like there are so many options, and you have way too many questions. Here are 5 tips/tricks/questions to think about when selecting your wedding videographer.

1. Check out their Portfolio First

When it comes down to it style matters. If their past videos do not work for you, you should probably not pick them - simple as that. There are so many different styles out there, so how do you know which one works, objectively?

A few things to look out for in wedding videos:

  1. Are their videos shot with a potato?

  2. Do their videos look like they were shot in the 90's?

  3. Are they dark and grainy?

  4. How is the exposure?

  5. Are the videos shaky?

  6. Is the audio clipping (way too loud and crunched sounding)?

  7. What kind of music do they have?

If you answered yes to multiple of these in multiple videos, you would maybe want to shop around more. Particularly if they are using "mainstream music" - I will touch on music in a whole different blog post later.

2. Meet the Videographer in Person or FaceTime

Some videographers will just show up the day of, shoot and leave. Others will make a point to understand your quirks and differences. If you can find a videographer that can spend the time to meet up and understand you better, that is ideal. That makes you much more comfortable with them, and it will almost always result in a better, more passionate, video.

If you can not meet them, scan through their website, social medias, or whatever else you can. They will be with you all day, so someone that makes you chill out and comfortable will be great.

3. Check out Their Reviews

With this digital age, there will be information on whatever company you have in mind. I would check on a Yelp review for a restaurant, so why would you not do the same for your wedding videographer. - BUT... reviews are not everything. I say that because at the time of writing this, my wedding videography company has zero reviews for wedding videos, but I have a lot of reviews for my commercial advertising. But, that is a rare case.

Look at the 3 star reviews the most. They tend to have the most honest and critical review. See how their turnaround time is and how they handled problems during the wedding and after the wedding. That is what really differentiates one company from another.

4. Don't Micromanage the Process

I can say this from personal experience: there is a fine line between being involved in the process and micromanaging. You are hiring your videographer for their specific style, so let them do that. On the other hand, you want to be involved and make sure they get everything you want, but don't be surprised if extra things cost more.

5. Be Patient on Delivery

Creating a wedding video takes a lot of time (if your wedding videographer is good). To give you an idea of a few of the steps involved in going through a wedding video, here are some of the steps involved.

First you need to go through the video and select the roughs. If there are several videographers, that is going through up to 15 hours of footage.

Next you need to cut that down to the good footage. You have to find a good song (which can take a lot longer than you may think). After that you need to process the interviews and audio, cut that down, noise reduce, etc. After that you start assembling it in a way that bet suits the video and the couple. Next is color correction, which in itself can take up to 15 hours to do. Lastly, is mastering and levels for the audio, video, and titles. All in all, it is a process than can easily take over 50 hours to do. So if your videographer isn't responding right away, they very well may be locked int heir editing den perfecting your video.