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  1. E-commerce services: Online retailers, marketplaces, and other e-commerce services can use digital marketing to reach potential customers and drive sales.

  2. Technology services: Technology companies can use digital marketing to promote their software, apps, and other technology services.

  3. Consulting services: Consulting services such as management consulting, marketing consulting, and financial consulting can use digital marketing to promote their expertise and attract new clients.

  4. Professional services: Services such as law firms, accounting firms, and other professional services can use digital marketing to promote their services and establish their brand.

  5. Service-based businesses: Businesses like gyms, salons, and other service-based businesses can use digital marketing to promote their services, attract new customers and retain existing ones.

  6. Travel and hospitality services: Hotels, airlines, tour operators, and other travel-related services can use digital marketing to attract customers and promote their services.

  7. Education services: Schools, universities and other education providers can use digital marketing to promote their programs and attract students.

  8. Health and wellness services: Hospitals, clinics, and other health and wellness services can use digital marketing to promote their services and attract patients.

Amazing Lash Studio DMV AD

Shot on a RED camera, this commercial was hinting at with Amazing Lashes, you can be fabulous anywhere... even at the DMV.

Targeted at young women with expendable income, we used the right model to hit the middle-income group of the USA. Utilizing the right tools and lighting gave us the opportunity to make content that resonates with anyone that can relate to having their photo taken at the DMV. 

Laura's Modern Acupuncture Journey

Laura, a soft-spoken acupuncturist based out of Phoenix, Arizona has shown us the passion that comes with a rewarding career.

Not only was this a recruiting video, but it shows that the acupuncturists that are at Modern Acupuncture have the skills and delicate care to heal many sorts of ailments.

Marisa's Modern Acupuncture Journey

OMTech US Customer Support

Modern Acupuncture Campaign Photos

Can you see it in his hand?


The thing is, can you feel it?

We wanted to highlight the acupuncturists that were actually responsible for keeping the franchise alive and prosperous. 

Real acupuncturists that treat real customers made the perfect pairing for a nationwide photoshoot. Our skilled team can make talent feel comfortable on set, so they can thrive and give their best performances. 

Images can be very powerful if you have the right tone and messaging attached to them. 

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